Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quote of The Day - Perspective

"I wasn't having a good race. every step was more demanding than the one before. I was on the course feeling sorry for myself, just wanting the pain to be over. Suddenly this young boy came jogging up on my right and said with a big grin on his face "beautiful day for a run, huh?" I looked down and saw that he had no legs. He was running on prosthetics made from carbon fiber. It was, indeed, a beautiful day for a run."
-John W. Quinn

Perspective and attitude matter.

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Evyl Robot Michael said...

Yesterday I had a hard time waking up. The internet was down and lightning had taken out our HTPC overnight. I bit the inside of my lip eating lunch. I was winding up a Monster cable and whacked myself in the crotch with the plugs. Normally, I would consider it an awful day. But, three people I know lost their homes in the tornadoes the night before, so it felt like a pretty wonderful day for me.