Saturday, June 21, 2008

A little taste of Hockessin

If any of my readers ever find themselves driving through Northern Delaware there's one stop they really should make.

My city has without a doubt the BEST ice cream you will ever eat. It's made fresh, and by fresh I mean you can watch the cows walking around while you eat.

Woodside Farm Creamery

I'm looking at the site thinking "My mom could paint logo's as good if not better than those, how come she's not a noted local artist?" I've been telling her for years she needs to quit her job and do a little marketing. Her work speaks for itself. Hell, she should start up a blog with contact info and samples of her work.


Laura said...

...ok, this is something you shouldn't have shown me. mmmmmmicecream.

Mike W. said...

You can even buy it in quarts to bring home, though it's not quite as good that way.

They have a ton of flavors too, and an ice cream eating contest every year. Their Cake Batter flavor is AMAZING.

Rob said...

Been there many-a-time. Great ice cream. :)