Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

This one's going along with the theme of Peter's OOTD over at Firearms & Freedom

Via the Joyce Foundation funded "Gun Guys" website,

"Under current Delaware law, virtually anyone, excepting felons, may strap on a holster and carry a gun in plain view. You can even carry a rifle over your shoulder and walk around with it.

As Delaware's attorney general, I frequently passed upon applications to carry a concealed weapon. I never understood why someone making night deposits felt safer with a concealed gun rather than carrying a holstered gun in plain view. Common sense would suggest a robber or mugger would be less likely to tangle with someone visibly carrying a weapon. Police carry their firearms openly."

-Former Delaware Attorney General Charles M. Oberly III

(I've actually met Mr. Oberly many times, as well as former AG Jane Brady and several AG prosecutors including Ferris Wharton, who ran for AG and was beaten by our current AG Beau Biden. Mr. Wharton actually broke the basketball net at my house several years ago.)

I'd LOVE to have that statement on DOJ letterhead to keep with me should I ever open carry.

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