Friday, July 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

Via Kim

"Actually, when it comes to most Black people, I’d be satisfied if they’d become bilingual in terms of Ebonics and English......By insisting on using that stupid dialect, Black people consign themselves to the lower rung of the economic ladder forever, just as surely as will a Mexican who speaks no English. Of course, any Black who speaks proper English is scorned for “acting White”—and thus will social pressure (and not “The Man") perpetuate a bad situation."

I couldn't agree more. I sometimes see BET while flipping through channels and just shake my head. Their own culture is destroying them. A successful, well-spoken black is considered a sell-out, an uncle tom.


Anonymous said...

their own culture is destroying THEM

ummmm, next you're going to tell me you aren't racist and have black friends too right?

Anonymous said...

do me a favor buddy...

next time you watch a TRAILER PARK taken out by a storm or some place in the Midwest get taken out, listen to them talk. There AIN'T much difference my man.

The difference is your are attuned to attribute a negative stereotype to blacks b/c you are a bigot.

but when a Southern White boy talks, well, he just a "good ol boy" aint he?


Mike W. said...

Bigot? Far from it. If you actually read my blog you'd see that I support the rights of blacks AND whites. I'm sure you won't actually read anything though.

And yes, I do have black friends. A friend from work is black as is my boss and several other co-workers. I'm also a big fan of Clarence Thomas.

And yes, there is a segment of black culture that is destroying them. Glamorization of drugs, gangs, violence & criminal activity. "fuck the police" and "stop snitchin'" attitudes as well as the idea that it's acceptable to settle disputes with guns.

Then you also have overriding theme of "blacks as victims." If they want equal treatment they need to quit playing the race card, we need to get rid of affirmative action and base things like hiring, school, and financial aid on things other than skin color. To give someone an advantage because of the color of their skin is inherently racist.

Mike W. said...

I see nothing wrong with pointing out race-based fact.