Friday, October 31, 2008


As soon as I saw the title of this piece over at Hot Air I thought of Rand. Then, low and behold, as I scrolled down Rand was actually mentioned.

I want to highlight Obama's quote,

“You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

As far as I'm concerned selfishness is a virtue and most of what individuals do is done in their own self-interest. Even if I'm "sacrificing" in order to help someone else I'm doing it because I want to, because I get a sense of self-fulfillment out of it. In short, it makes me feel good. I actually discussed this topic back in March.

Funny how he claims wanting to keep more of ones own money is "selfishness" yet neither he nor Biden ponied up sizable chunks of their income to give to charity. He wants to extort money from hard working American taxpayers and give it to others. That is the height of selfishness. If he wants to help people he and Michelle (and Biden) can dole money out of their own coffers.

Until Obama's willing to lead by example he'd damn well better not accuse other Americans of "Selfishness." Walk the walk before you talk the talk..... What am I saying we all know Mr. Barack guns for me but not for thee Obama would never do that. All the shit he spews about sacrifice is meant to apply to "other people," meaning people like you and I.

I've always thought that if these damn "spread the wealth" liberals were serious they should put their money where their mouths are. Are they going to vote to lower their own Congressional salaries to $30K to save the taxpayers money? or keep their pay at current levels and donate 60-70+% of it to charity? Is Biden going to sell his lakefront home and donate the proceeds to the poor and downtrodden in Wilmington? Is Barack going to donate hefty sums of his own income to folks in Kenya (his brother perhaps?) HELL NO.

By the way, if you haven't read Rand's "The Virtue of Selfishness" you really should. It even has a chapter discussing that evil word "Racism."


Anonymous said...

Selfishness is fine by me - if you earned it, it is yours, and you can do with it as you please.

Charity is fine by me - if you earned it, it is yours, and you can do with it as you please.

Goverment sponsored "spreading of the wealth" is complete and utter bullshit, no questions asked.

Home on the Range said...

You are right, I give to certain charity's and individuals because it makes me feel good to know it helps someone worthy. I don't expect a thank you, just knowing I did it is enough.

But don't ask me to give out what I work so hard for to someone who sits on their rear all day and watches TV.

I have neighbors, (doesn't read blogs) Really nice folks, who gave their teenager an expensive SUV. They mentioned working to pay for gas. The kid said. "I don't WANT to work?" (he's 18 and a Senior). He wrecks it, while trespassing, they fix it. He went to jail on a minor charge related to that when he was still a juvinile. They threw him a HUGE party when he got out and bought him MORE stuff.

He needed some cash so he agreed to mow my lawn (he's a personable kid actually). He never showed after the first couple of times as he was "tired" from hanging out with his friends. So Dad did it for him and gave him the money for it.

THIS is the generation I don't care to support.

Mike W. said...

Brigid - I knew kids like that growing up. I won't deny that my parents were good to me, but they certainly didn't reward bad behavior, and sitting on my ass not working would have been unthinkable.