Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've Received a Ringing Endorsement

From Delaware's far left. I must say that if a member of the radical left in this state has the following to say about me then I've done something right. I was also banned from the site at some point in the last month. Unsurprising action from the tolerant "progressive" left.

Courtesy of Delaware Liberal Contributor / Editor "Cassandra"

"mike w leads nothing and is in no position to lead anything. mike w influences nothing and is in no danger of influencing anything. mike w is not credible on anything that I know of and is in no danger of being especially credible.

He is a bigoted and uninformed fool and the world is not aligned to treat these folks kindly. Unfortunately, folks like mike w will never have enough self awareness to know how they are complicit in their own issues. I mostly ignore him and I urge everyone else to do the same. When you see The Stupid just think for a second how much energy you’ll waste engaging with him. Because you already know he doesn’t hear you, he doesn’t respect you, and he doesn’t give a damn about your positions on anything."
I must say that I'm quite flattered by Cassandra's kind words..... Stay classy Cassandra. Her words speak for themselves without any real comments necessary on my part. Oh, I was also called a "racist"in this thread, but I saw that coming from a mile away. It's the standard meme from folks who have no intellectually substantive arguments. (and lord knows we've seen FAR too much of that this election cycle.) If you dare question "The Messiah" or dare say you won't vote for him it must be racist...


the pistolero said...

Pardon my french, but fuck those ignorant, sanctimonious assholes.

Laura said...

ok, Mike, you caught me on an evening when the cold medicine has already taken affect.

i can't stop giggling and i need to go to bed. DAMN YOU, MIKE! lol. to make up for it, i insist you go lookit my recent LJ post and give an opinion on a good upper for my new AR15.

Rustmeister said...

I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

As I pointed out and demonstrated on repeated occasions in the past at that particular weblog, Cassandra is, quite possibly, the largest troll to frequent that site. That she is an administrator there makes it all the worse (though she would use her position as evidence that she is somehow not a troll).

At any rate, congratulations on the flattery. 90% of the people who frequent that site are too lost to be saved, and those kinds of words coming from them are the highest compliments possible.

The Last Ephor said...

Ha. I'm so boring they don't even bother to denounce me. There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's *not* being talked about.

Anonymous said...

it is too funny that you can't leave us alone. I love the fact that you still try to comment every once in a while to see if you are still being punished.

I'm sure you had a good time Mikey, you won't be missed.

Mike W. said...

How funny, someone from DL comments and is too much of a pussy to even comment under the handle he/she uses.

BTW - The fact that you censored, then deleted, and then banned me from commenting only goes to show that you (like most anti-gunners) don't have the balls to engage in actual political discussion.

Only a bunch of cowards would conduct themselves in such a manner. But then again one only needs to look at your site to see that you lack any standards of decency, civility, or objectivity. In short, your site is a joke.

I don't ban you folks. That's because I have the intellectual capacity to make you look like fools. And frankly, that's not only entertaining, but it exposes you all as ignorant, bigoted, and intolerant. I'm always more than happy to expose people as vile as yourselves, especially when I can easily use your own words and arguments to do so.

The only people who engage in your brand of "reasoned discourse" are the ones who can't engage in political discourse like adults.

If you had the ability (and tact) required to engage in rational, logical discourse and disagree based on the merits of arguments made you'd be doing so. Instead you can do nothing but attack me personally and/or ban & muzzle me.

What I've seen from Delaware Liberal just shows me that you're all intellectually inferior, vile human beings who are incapable of ever taking the "high road." Not that you'd know what the high road is anyway.