Monday, November 3, 2008

Self Defense Works

A scumbag rapist breaks into a woman's home and rapes her. She reports the crime. He returns a few days later and breaks in again, only this time he's greeted with a shotgun blast and dies in the hospital. Good riddance. That's one less scumbag rapist who'll never victimize another woman.

Folks like Barack Obama would rather this woman be unarmed and forced to wait for police. He and his ilk would have us believe that the homeowner being armed is more likely to make the situation worse rather than stop the threat. In the real world however, average citizens protect themselves daily with nothing more than a gun and the will and ability to use it.

Common sense and stories like this prove the anti's wrong time and time again. I'm saddened that this woman had to suffer through the 1st rape before putting Mr. Preyer six feet under. I can think of no better place for home-invading rapists. They cannot be reformed and folks like Obama aren't too keen on keeping them in jail for good.

H/T to Duffy for the link.

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