Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quote of the Day - California

"They have to move somewhere, and they take their voting patterns with them. It’s kind of like The Borg. You will be assymilated"

-Sebastian on Californians fleeing the state.

Apparently people don't like socialist hell holes, even if there's good weather.......or something. The state of course would like to punish them for running away.


Anonymous said...

Soon Kalifornia will only have illegals,drugged out environmental hippies, and porn(aka Hollywood celebrities) stars left as residents.

the pistolero said...

Apparently people don't like socialist hell holes
You'd think so, but they get to their new abodes and vote for politicians who want to turn their new homes into the socialist hellholes they left.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they like the socialism part just fine... they just do not seem to understand that the hell-hole-ish-ness is a direct byproduct of the socialism. Just another indication of the logical/reality-disconnect of liberals/lefties.

Like my father says, Kalifornistan is something everyone should have to experience, first hand, once in their lives... If you have a choice, you will never go back. And if you do, you deserve your fate.

Mike W. said...

Linoge - I'm not even sure they recognize it as socialism. Like you said it's cognitive dissonance. They lack the reasoning to recognize the problem, thus pushing for more of the same "solutions." That's why the problems follow them from state to state. They're like locusts really.

Mike W. said...

I should say that I have the utmost respect for those that say in CA and fight the anti-freedom folks.