Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More "Reasoned Discourse"

Boy, the bigots are just coming out of the woodwork recently aren't they?

I give you Mike Licht, who "edited" my comment because he lacks the intellectual ability to offer a logical counterpoint. Luckily I saved it and can repost it here later (tomorrow.)

The comment he "edited" now says the following.
"mike w. appended 697 more words he doesn't understand here. I'm sure you
can read them on
his blog. This is not his blog."

You know, I've yet to see an anti who's been able to back up what they say. It's as ifthey have a mental illness that makes them incapable of looking at facts, weighing evidence, and presenting a rational and coherent counterpoint.

More on bigotry later. I've got a post in the works (in my head at least)

*in other news, we just had a cop at the house.

UPDATE - My original comment has now gone down the memory hole as well. Reasoned Discourse indeed. Mr. Licht and his blog are a joke.

UPDATE # 2 - Aww how cute! He blocked my IP address after maybe 5 comments. I'm not surprised. After all you can't post straight up lies and still allow comments. That'd undermine your entire blog and in fact your entire campaign of misinformation. There is a right and wrong to most every issue, and when you've got to lie to win you're on the wrong side.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Mike has only repeatedly demonstrated that he is not worthy of anyone's time - he is not interested in discussion, he is not interested in debate, and he sure as hell is not interested in opposing opinions. What he says is true/real/the law/the way things are, and anyone who dares disagree with him is an idiot/ignorant/worthy of ridicule.

It is sad, but I think he is somewhere in the "grown man" age group, and that kind of behavior stopped being acceptable once he grew out of being a teenager.

Broadsword said...

I left this comment at Mikie's: "Way to go delieting Miekie W.'s comments! But you didn't go far enough; those guys will be back. The only way to truly put a stop to comments from people with whom you disagree is to terminate this blog. That'll fix 'em. Heh." Misspellings on purpose.

mike's spot said...

How better to quell dissenters than to physically remove opposing comments!

Rule 2A of Goebbels rules propaganda- One authority must control ALL of the propaganda directives.

in my experience, Anti-Gunners suffer from the third person effect. Usually applied to mass media- it basically says that people will assume everyone else is more affected by something than they are.

For example: if I show you violent media- many people will say, this will impact others negatively- but when asked how they react- they say no change.

It is kinda like assuming your a bit smarter than everyone else- and you have some insight that the majority of the population lacks.

Very arrogant.

Weer'd Beard said...

Looks like ALL the comments are gone now.

It's like he thinks that method will somehow make him less wrong. : ]

Anonymous said...

It certainly makes him look funnier, since he addresses comments that no longer exist...

the pistolero said...

As the saying goes, "gun control cannot survive without an accompanying sea of disinformation."

Mike W. said...

"gun control cannot survive without an accompanying sea of disinformation."

This is true. Who said that? Wasn't it Kevin Baker?

As you folks know I LOVE getting dissenting comments. I find it interesting, challenging, and fun. Hell, the whole Spoon/Gun thing with Donviti, Robb, and I was hilarious.

the pistolero said...

Wasn't it Kevin Baker?

He brought it up to us all, but he said it was from some Anonymous guy. I'd really like to meet that particular Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. They sound pretty sharp. And I remember the spoon vs. gun thing too!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, though, it does not appear as though "reasoned discourse" is limited to the hoplophobes. I just had a wonderful experience of it over at David Codrea's when I had the unmitigated nerve to dare disagree with him.

Such is life, I suppose.