Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AR Building

TD contemplates his 1st AR-15 build and his thoughts closely mirror my own.

If I had the funds for another AR right now here's what I'd buy

CMMG Mid-length upper, Magpul MBUS flip up rear sight, and a Spike's lower with M4 stock. The upper & rear BUIS runs about $600 and a lower is probably $200-$250 total, so for around $850 bucks you've got yourself a pretty decent rifle.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Pretty much what I did when I built mine, only I used their medcon upper and put a Rock River 2-stage trigger in the lower. I should have gone with an MBUS, but instead I bought a carry handle.

The only bad thing is that if you want to step up to a free-float handguard later, they're really difficult to find in midlength.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'd Get an AR-10 of some sort with a 16" BBL with flash hider, Carry handle iron sights. I'll have to log a little more time with the M4 stock to see if I'd prefer that or a standard fixed stock.

And of course in 7.62x51mm because it's what Jeff Cooper Demands!

NotClauswitz said...

I like my CTR stock, it locks quietly and the lever isn't out there to be accidentally pushed.
Also Daniel Defense makes a nice mid-length free-float handguard.

Anonymous said...

What fun these things are! I bought in 1988 a Colt AR15 A2 Sporter 2 and have a few rounds of Norinco, UMC white box, Guatemalan surplus 5.56 and everything except steel case ammo through it. The lower does not even have one of those little dams around the magazine release. Loud, yes, but gentle recoil with that skinny 1:9 OEM barrel. Build a light one without too many farkles, then let the data stream begin!

D Murray