Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quote of the Day - Idiocy

"What this boy did, presumably the first time he got his hands on a real gun, which to an 8-year-old must feel a lot heavier than any of the plastic toys he'd have been used to, was to point it at the head of the nearest female and pull the trigger. It could all be a coincidence, kids learn some of this stuff from television, but it is a type of sad metaphor for the country at large, don't you think. Guns are bad news for women"

The incident MikeB refers to is one where an 8 year old boy gets a hold of mom/dad's gun and shoots his 2 year old sister with it. The pure lack of cognitive ability needed to come to the conclusion MikeB does is astounding, even for him. In what world is an 8 year old pointing a gun at his sister and pulling the trigger a result of misogyny or violence against women? Does he really think an 8 year old boy pointed a gun at his little sister and pulled the trigger because she was a female?

Also, you'll notice that MikeB fails to mention that the parents were felons in possession. He plays if off like they're your average, run of the mill, law-abiding gun owner. Typical anti-gun tactics.

Sometimes with the things you hear anti's say you simply can't help but point & laugh. This is one of those times.


Weer'd Beard said...

Well MikeB doesn't like to talk about his felonies either, can you blame him?

Unknown said...

When do you think misogyny begins, then? Is it at 12 or 18? Are you saying these attitudes don't exist at all?

"Lack of cognitive ability," is that what I suffer from?

Keep banging away, man. You've got Weer'd on the sidelines like an obsessed cheerleader.

Linoge said...

When do you think misogyny begins, then?

Well, obviously, you know the answer to this question, so how about you educate us with all of the sources, studies, and examinations into the topic you considered before putting up your original post?

Oh, that is right - there are not any facts, figures, or much of anything to back up another splatter from your mental diarrhea.

"Lack of cognitive ability," is that what I suffer from?

In a word, yes.

Tam said...

Speaking of misogyny, my teacher once told me that the little boy kept dipping my pigtails in the inkwell because he wanted attention, and as long as he got a reaction out of me, he'd keep doing it, but since he was a retard with the attention span of a fruit fly on Ecstasy, if I ignored him, he's go away and find other people to bother.

Just a thought. ;)