Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Guinness A Day....

Keeps the doctor away? Maybe not, but research shows it'll keep you living longer than those who don't enjoy the Irish nectar of the Gods.

I'm squarely in the "moderate drinker" category these days. I also drink Guinness often, which is supposed to be significantly more healthy than watery piss / Natural Light.

Drink to your health & knock back a cold one tonight! Hell have 6 or 7, it's healthier for you than abstaining.

H/T to Les Jones


bluesun said...

If you don't drink, you die sad. If you drink too much, you no longer do it for enjoyment, and you tend to die of alcohol poisoning or drive into a tree. If you "drink in moderation," you get to keep your brain, and you're happier. If you make your own beer, it's a double whammy!


Sabra said...

Ah, as the song goes, in Heaven there is no beer, so we drink it all down here. ;-)

I've also sung Guinness's praises as a milk supply boost for years now. Oatmeal works too, but beer tastes better!