Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Interesting concept

I really want to try some of the Remora holsters Mike reviewed a few weeks ago. I'll admit to being more than a bit skeptical that they'd stay in place without being attached to a belt, especially on someone with my build.

I think I might need to order one or two just to find out.


Weer'd Beard said...

man those kinda creep me out! I dunno if I'd trust them.

Keep us posted!

mike's spot said...

I will say this- if you wear a d-ring belt they do slip a bit. Stick to a regular leather belt and mine has been tops.

I have a lot more around the midsection than you do though mike. So far though, I'm still very pleased.

I do concede I miss the smell of leather.

Anonymous said...

The Remora works just fine, but have you guys tried the one called "Sticky" holster?

Even though the Remora does stay in place, when it gets a little wet, it loses much of its grip.

I've tried both and the Sticky Holster is hands down better in the sticking-to-you department.