Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wilmington Caves!

The Wilmington Housing authority finally suspended it's ban on firearms in public housing. I guess they finally realized this was a fight they'd lose.

I can' t explain how happy it makes me to see bigots get knocked down and liberty prevail in my own state!

I have to highlight one statement from resident Diana Dorn, and I quote,

"Some of the young folks in here just don't give a damn," she said, and will cause trouble with a gun. If a resident is worried about safety, she said, "Get a bat."

If the young 19-20 year olds "just don't give a damn" then this changes nothing for them. If they don't give a damn and are going to cause trouble with guns they're going to do it regardless of whether the housing authority bans firearms or not.

As for the advice to "get a bat" for protection, uh hell no. Sorry, but citizens should be able to use more effective tools, particularly since "the young folks just don't give a damn." I own an aluminum bat, but that's not what sits within arms reach when I go to bed at night. That's what a Sig Sauer's for.

The fight's not over and I'm sure that some of the WHA's other restrictions will have to be overturned in court. This proposed restriction in particular is definitely unconstitutional.

"He also objected to a proposed requirement that anyone who has a gun in a WHA building be prepared to produce a permit showing he is allowed to carry it."

Ownership of firearms does not require a CCDW permit in Delaware, so residents absolutely do not have to show a permit just because they have a gun in their residence. Furthermore, residents don't need a CCDW permit to open carry. You can't compel a person to produce a permit they don't need, simply because they're engaging in a lawful activity you don't like.

I really hope the NRA takes the WHA back to court immediately. I do not trust the WHA to simply suspend enforcement of their ban. It needs to be removed from the books and those responsible for the ban should be brought up on charges under Title 18 Section 242 for civil rights violations. I'm looking at you, WHA CEO Mike Krause and the WHA Board of Commissioners.

I'm sure this makes our local bigot Kavips a sad panda, which is fine by me. Not only was Kavips ignorant of the law, he was also wrong in his prediction. The bigots got their noses bloodied not the NRA.


Bob S. said...

What is she going to do with the bat? Slam a 9mm over the left field wall when one of the young punks takes a shot at her?

By the way, local Academy sports has a Sig SP2022 on sale for $400. Advice?

Mike W. said...

Good gun and $400 is a good price. Takedown can be a bit harder than the classic P-series, which is the only reason I don't own a Sig Pro.

Weer'd Beard said...

A buddy has that exact gun. he rather likes it. Feels a lot lighter than comparable alloy-frame sigs.

His is in .40 S&W, and I don't like that cartridge...

BTW Mike, I went over to deleware Liberal just to see some heads exploding...I was disappointed!

Mike W. said...

Weer'd. I just dropped by, it seems they're up to the usual lying.


As far as this post is concerned, DE Liberal will ignore this. When they get their asses kicked on the gun issue they pretend it didn't happen. Bigots with their heads in the sand, all of them.