Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Anti-Gunners Advocating Violence

"But what if… hmmm… what if…. ahhhh… there was some way to cost the NRA something each time they “threatened to file a lawsuit” …. Maybe something that was beyond the law…. hmmm…

Let’s say a European was contracted to “ice” some of their high ranking officers, or even better, hit ‘em where it hurts… their families.. I wonder what would happen if we woke up tomorrow and saw this “just out of random” headline, Christopher Cox, 11250 Waples Mill Road , Fairfax, Virginia, was killed by unknown gunman… Walking out to get his mail, he never returned. Family found him dead by bullet to back of head”. If you are resourceful enough, you can guess exactly where the gunmen hid while waiting for his arrival….

Or how about this headline…. Funeral services for the child of John Hohenwarter were held privately in a closed session; the public was not invited nor allowed to attend…."

- Kavips

Yeah I know, I'm hammering away at a local bloggers old post. Still, when a violent bigot calls for the death of those with whom he disagrees I think it needs to be illuminated, particularly when the asshole in question lives in my own state. Is it any wonder he's anti-gun?

Seriously, he disagrees with the NRA, so he thinks "hmm, maybe there's someway these folks can be murdered, or better yet, their family members harmed." Words cannot adequately express how sick that is. I wonder if he'd say the same about local Delaware bloggers who dared disagree with him?

And the tree-huggers tell us we should respect all opinions equally? Really? I tend to think that some folks, by virtue of their words and actions, deserve ridicule rather than respect. I'm not saying you have to stoop to their level, but you most certainly don't have to respect them if they haven't earned it.


Weer'd Beard said...

Please ignore ANY similarity to the actions of the Anti-rights crowd and the Klan...obviously it is only coincidental, as the Klan in their alternate reality was founded by conservative republicans who are all racist and stuff.

Also don't pay any mind to the liberal discrepancies to their cited reality, and the reality that hangs before your eyes...remember the world disappears when you close your eyes!

Anonymous said...

But... but... but... wishing death and destruction and disaster and whatnot on other people is obviously all progressive and liberal and shit. You just have no idea man... I mean, all the big pro-gun-control progressives, like Laci the Crossdressing Poodle and JadeLead and all the rest do it, man!

mike's spot said...

doesn't this constitute a threat? could he at least file an order of protection against this guy?