Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quote of the......

Year? It's certainly deserving of better than "Quote of the Day" status.

"I hear a lot from liberals about how the right wants to curtail freedoms, we’re fascists yet when I look at where the liberal Justices ruled or dissented in those aforementioned cases I think it’s pretty clear who are the real curtailers of freedom and liberty.

After all when the State can take your property, restrict your political speech and disarm the populace, you really don’t have much left in the way of freedom."

- "Hoosierdaddy"

Now I'm not about to tell you that the right consistently comes down on the side of freedom, but it would certainly appear that the progressive leftists on the Court have routinely ruled against basic American civil liberties.

"Progressives" on the left are authoritarian statists, nothing more. They've proven this time and time again.

H/T to Kevin

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Weer'd Beard said...

Hell Kagen is all about telling us all what we're allowed to EAT!

Sounds like personal freedom to me! *eyeroll*