Monday, October 4, 2010

We Are All Socialists Now?

Last year Newsweek said, "We Are All Socialists Now". They were wrong. In reality the only Socialists in this great country are a bunch of loons on the left.

A bunch of socialist bums decided to hold a sad little protest over the weekend.

One might say the lefty protest this past weekend was as pathetic as the anti-gun protest we witnessed in Charlotte.

If the American Left really wants European style Socialism they're better off just moving to any number of European countries and leaving the greatest, most free nation on earth the hell alone. Socialism was, is, and always will be fundamentally incompatible with individual liberty.

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dmurray said...

I am near the Capitol building in Sacramento. This leveraged yelling photo opportunity event crapola goes on like clockwork on three sides of the building with the dome. The linked photos represent the reality of Progressive support in our great land.

My gun question: Has anyone actually seen damage caused by the use of steel cased ammo in a modern firearm? More specifically: are extractors or ejectors breaking?

Yes or no will do. I'm going to check the usual sites for details.

Thanks and keep up the good work.