Monday, November 15, 2010

Quote of The Day - Teach Them Young

"I don't get too many offers for babysitting, and we live in a development, so shoveling snow is not an option either," said Andrew. "We were being entrepreneurs , but now I feel a little defeated."

That, young Andrew DeMarchis, is exactly the point. Capitalism is evil you see, and if the New York public school system is successful in its indoctrination attempts you will come to see that this is so.

This is yet another example of government regulation and mindless burecracy squashing good, clean capitalism.

Here's the money quote from the Parks superintendent Robert Snyder

"If it's the Girl Scouts selling cookies or the local youth organization raising money for charity, the fee can be waived,"But if Sally and Judy wanted to make money to go to the movies, theremight be a charge, and their parents would have to be involved ."

Right, so let's say that some neighborhood kids realize that there are pickup basketball games every saturday afternoon at 2PM in the county park and these games draw a sizable number of potential thirsty customers. They decide to setup a lemonade stand. Like any good capitalist they recognize a potential market and seek to supply it. They would have to apply for and receive a business permit and pay a prohibitively expensive fee to the government.

Let's squash their dreams, deny them spending money, and discourage future entreprenuership. That'll teach em' to mess with the government or try to sell goods for a profit. How dare they!

Sadly this is not unusual behavior amongst our government overlords nor is it surprising that such things are happening in Liberal strongholds.

ETA - H/T to Jay G. - Thanks for getting me pissed off enough to write something here.


Bob S. said...

Meanwhile in cities all over America; cops ignore the street level drug dealers for the most part.

They ignore the kids running numbers and thousands of other illegal acts.

I'm not knocking cops but the truth is they ignore many penny ante crimes until they need to bust someone and move up the ladder.

Jay G said...

Heh. Glad I could inspire you.

One thing, though - this was NY, not MA...