Friday, November 12, 2010

Quote of The Day - Veterans Day

"One of the most important lessons of Vietnam is learning to distinguish between the policy makers in Washington and the grunts on the ground....Wanting to stop future senseless wars is an honorable goal, but it should not come at the expense of no longer acknowledging the sacrifice of those who serve in the military- most especially because sometimes that sacrifice is so woefully misused by those in power."

Commenter "Nathan"

I couldn't agree more with Nathan. I've never understood those who choose to attack, insult and dishonor those who served simply because they disapproved of the war being fought. I'll never forget the level of disrespect, even outright hatred I saw liberal college students display towards fellow students in uniform. Thankfully such students were in the minority. Grunts on the ground don't make policy, politicians in ivory towers do. Take your anger out on them, not on men and women who volunteered to serve.

As for the blog post being commented on, which calls for Veteran's Day to be cancelled, it shows both ignorance and blatant disrespect towards those who have served this nation. I could fisk it, but I lack the patience at the moment.

*And if you think the post is bad in the beginning, just wait till you get to point #4. That really rubbed me the wrong way. Hell, #2 as well. Were he alive today I can only imagine what my grandpa, who served as an army infantryman in both WWII and Korea would say upon reading something like that.

H/T to Laura


Linoge said...

I never cease to be amazed at how very much hatred, ignorance, and general-purpose stupidity can exist in a single post without causing some kind of singularity-level event in the process.

If she does not want to celebrate or observe Veterans' Day, she is more than welcome not to - no one is going to force her, not even those veterans.

But. Damn. "Clueless" just barely starts to cover it...

R. Stanton Scott said...

I can tell you what this vet thinks, Mike, but it would definitely not be safe for work.

This woman certainly approaches the center of the vortex of stupid.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Mike W. said...

Feel free to let loose Stan. This isn't a "safe for work" blog.

Weer'd Beard said...

he's got nothing to say but pre-packaged troll-fodder.

What do his comments add again?