Monday, December 20, 2010

I Will Not Register

Linoge has an excellent post up detailing major instances of registration of arms leading to government confiscation.

People are quick to label gun owners who stand steadfast against registration as "paranoid" or fearmongering." This is simply not the case. It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. If history is any indication (and what better indicator is there?) it is a concern firmly grounded in truth. The ultimate goal of anti-gunners has always been the removal of firearms from the hands of free citizens.

Registration is the one key step government need take to help facilitate the rounding up of something or someones they deem undesirable. They registered both Jews AND their firearms, making it significantly easier to round the former up and send them to the gas chambers. If you truly believe in the phrase "never again" then opposition to firearms registration is a moral imperative.

I will not register! Given what we know it'd be unbelievably foolish to go along with any registration scheme. Massive civil disobedience is the only acceptable response to such a scheme. If the day ever comes in the U.S. where registration is a reality then I and my fellow liberty-minded Americans will become instant "criminals". I'd be honored to be in such great company with the rest of you "criminals."


Bob S. said...

When they show me that registries work, then I'll consider it.

Sex Offender Registry -- doesn't stop them from committing horrendous crimes.

Even something as simple as the motor vehicle registry doesn't stop crimes (and that includes the innocuous crime of not having a registered vehicle).

Nope, registries don't work as crime prevention.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm already registered, I'm fighting to end the registry, but if it comes down to that, I'll hand them all back politely ...ammo first.

Linoge said...

What really amuses me about proponents of firearm registration is that they are willing to make it mandatory by way of the government... And given that all governmental legislation, laws, and regulations are backed with the implicit threat of, "If you do not do this, we will arrest you, and if you do not let us arrest you, we will kill you," those registration proponents are literally proving our concerns correct.

Then, in the very next breath, they go on and on about us being "paranoid". Yeah. About that...