Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knife huh?

So I just reached into my pocket and pulled out a spare Gerber Mini Paraframe. Apparently I have two of them. Who knew?

Another stabby thing to add to my always growing collection. It's a good knife for around $10.

Expect a more substantial knife post and a quick ammo review here next week.

Also, now that I have these two Gerber Mini Paraframe's I have new appreciation for just how tiny Breda is. This is a tiny little knife. It disappears in the small coin pocket of my jeans, yet in Breda's little hands it looks like a full-sized pocket knife. She truly is pocket-sized.

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Chris said...

I carry one daily. My problem with the Paraframe is that dimes and pennies get caught in the spaces in the handle and cause problems. I think I would prefer a solid frame instead.

Mike W. said...

I could see that being an issue. I never carry it in the same pocket as change so that's not an issue.

Mine is also usually the 2nd knife I have on my person, the primary one being either a CKRT drifter or KaBar Dozier most of the time.

Linoge said...

I am just now getting to the point where I will periodically open a drawer of some sort, and go, "Oh, so that is where that knife ended up." Obviously I need more knives.

I definitely need more dark-suckers, since the ones I have keep wandering off entirely, though...

Unknown said...

I had a Paraframe years ago. It was a tough knife, especially considering the price point. I ended up giving it to a good friend who needed a working knife.

I'll have to pick another one up next time I'm out.