Thursday, February 24, 2011

The violent left - Union protestors

We all know about violence by leftist SEIU protestors (no thanks to the MSM) and here we have a young woman being assaulted by a union protestor and the left predictably blaming the victim. This is my shocked face. Look, I don't care if the guy didn't like a camera in his face or couldn't handle a little discourse, it is never justifiable for a grown man to strike a 5"1' woman.

I guess we should be happy this Liberal wasn't there as well.

If this had happened to a member of the left during a Tea Party Protest what do you think would be on the national news for the next who weeks? Instead it'll be "nothing to see here, move along." The right gets blamed for non-existent violence and "rhetoric." When the Left engages in actual violence it gets whitewashed by the media. Once again, thank god for the internet and alternative media allowing these thugs to be exposed.

More at The Daily Caller

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