Friday, April 22, 2011

At the NRA Convention

Things I need to remember to do at the NRA Convention.

1. Rub Jay G.'s bald head for good luck.  Maybe even make a wish.

2. Drink everytime Weer'd says something about Gin.

3. Ask Breda if Santa's Elves have big butts.

4. Start a "Chili - Beans or no beans?" debate.

5. Somehow manage to avoid getting called a woman.

Anything else important that I'm forgetting?...


Lokidude said...

Don't forget to pick up your wheelbarrow of cash. Or, if you're flying, at least a suitcase as advance payment.

Laura said...

6. Devour cookies. Because I'mma have some for you.

Broken Andy said...

Wish I were going.

But is avoiding being called a woman such a hard thing? I don't get the joke.

Sabra said...

So you're going to spend the whole thing trying to get punched?

Mike W. said...

Loki - They'd better have it waiting for me.

- Falnfenix - NOM NOM NOM!

Andy - It's an inside joke from last years NRA con. Listen to the live Vicious Circle broadcast from Charlotte and you'll get it.

Sabra - Of course not! Jay G.'s too old to fight me and Breda's not nearly dangerous as she appears. ;)

Weer'd Beard said...

"Jay G.'s too old to fight me"

hehhehehe I LOL'D!!!!

Not just gonna TALK about gin, I'm gonna BRING some!