Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Ladies.....

I found the video Breda linked to about "feminism" to be terribly offensive and condescending. Real women are strong, independent, and perfectly capable of both holding their own and crossing typical stereotypical gender well as grabbing me a beer and fixing me a damn sammich*  The last thing they want are men who are worse than goddamn hipsters.

Truth be told I much prefer a woman like the one in Breda's 2nd picture to some dainty little flower. about 70% less clothing, a haircut and some deodorant and I'll bet she's one hawt sword-weilding lady. The jury's still out since I can't tell if she's a honkeus donkeus or not.

*I kid, I kid. Real women grab their own beer and drink it and they tell me to make my own damn sammich.

The makers of that video seem like the type of folks who need to denigrate others and puff themselves up in order to feel good about themselves. The appropriate response to that kind of crap is for real women and men who aren't metrosexual pansies to tell them to go shut the fuck up.

That said, it was purported last year in Charlotte that I'm not a "real man" so let's just assume I have no clue what I'm talking about, shall we?  I mean hell, maybe I'm exactly the kind of man they refer to in the video...... heh.


bluesun said...

They were mostly old hippies, who have probably been sitting under a bunch of crystals for too long. That's bound to make a body go a little loopy.

KurtP said...

That picture is Alex Kingston according to Breda.
She's n line as my "Her Name is" Weds babe dump.

Or you could look up Dr. Who- River Song. You'll be disappointed.