Monday, April 11, 2011

On running

I haven't actually gotten around to writing a post about running and cerebral palsy yet, but if you'd like to read about someone with CP who has pushed his body and reaped the rewards go read Greg at The Casual Vegan.  He's written quite a few workout / running themed posts.  Greg asked me if I'd write a guest post on his blog.  I don't do that, however I will be doing a post on that very subject soon and will certainly link back to him when I do.  His story was awesome and I'm glad he shared it.

As an aside I don't know how vegans do it.  I couldn't live without chicken and bacon!

I'm focusing on strength training right now and only doing light warmup cardio, but I do intend to start running again this summer.  I'll probably regret the decision to start going hill workouts.

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