Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quote of the day - Obama and respect

Mark Levin, on the looming government shutdown and worries that members of the U.S. Armed Forces won't get paid.

"he wants military families, many of whom have loved ones serving in combat on the battlefield overseas upset – he wants them upset so they will call members of Congress demanding trillions of dollars in red ink,” “This is what Saul Alinsky Marxists do. I do not believe that this president has sufficient respect for the American Armed Forces. I never have believed it, just like I don’t believe he has sufficient respect for law enforcement, but this damn well proves it.”

I would add that Obama lacks sufficient respect not just for the Armed Forces and law enforcement, but for Americans in general.

H/T to Daily Caller

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Sabra said...

The Democrats expected that military families would see that Republicans were holding up their pay because they insisted on defunding Planned Parenthood. From what I saw of it, the opposite was true: military wives, at least, couldn't figure out why the hell Democrats' insistence on public funding of a private business was standing in the way of their husbands' paychecks.