Friday, May 20, 2011

Arguing with anti's

Lately, you may have noticed a conspicuous absence of posts where I'm arguing with anti-gunners.  Maybe I'm just getting older and mellowing out?  More than likely it's because there simply aren't many anti-gunners on the intertubes.

Furthermore, those who are left usually fit into one of three categories.

1. They don't blog anymore, don't blog about guns anymore, turned off all comments, or ban all dissent.  One particularly nasty anti actually set her entire blog to "invitation only."  Frankly, if calling them out and exposing their lies causes them to stop spewing their bigotry I see that as a win for the pro-rights crowd.

2. Their level of demonstrated intelligence and logical reasoning ability is so abysmally low that I could have a more engaging discussion about guns with a 5 year old.  You can only go so long before an anti's demonstrated lack of a capacity for rational thought makes your brain hurt.  (Think "Billy Madison" academic triathalon)

3. They engage in a level of personal attacks and "outings" so despicable, so vile that I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.  Hell, I doubt even R. Kelly would piss on them.


TXGunGeek said...

Yes but!, They are very internet savy as far as new media is concerned and do use facebook and twitter to coordinate their actions.

Bob S. said...


I've been having fun on Facebook. Let them move their argument over to a new media. We'll be there also.

Mike W.

I think you are right in all three categories but we wouldn't be able to demonstrate those categories without you debating them -- usually at their site.

Keep up the good work. We are winning but it is a fight we have to keep winning.

Take a deep breathe then wade back into the muck they spew out.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm with you. I used to just be fixing for a scrap with these dorks.

Part of it was as a reformed anti myself I thought just MAYBE I could get one or two of them to go the way of reason like I did.

That being said after personal attacks, wasted time, and actually drawing traffic to blogs that really didn't deserve it I've made up a rules of engagement.

I will not engage an anti who isn't a vetted member of a funded Anti-Gun group. When you expose some blogger as an idiot, bigot, and troll, you've simply done the obvious.

When you expose an entire LOBBY...well there's some hay to be made there!

Bubblehead Les. said...

In a Target Rich Environment, one must be careful to ensure that one has enough Ammo to take them all out. But if one has a limited amount of Ammo, then one should focus on the Command and Control personnel.

Besides, we all have a limited amount of time to deal with these slugs, and it would be better spent working on the House, taking care of the Family, getting in some Trigger Time, listening to some good tunes while being stuck in the Morning Commute, etc. Wasting it on Trolls is a Waste.