Friday, May 20, 2011

Sumpin' Sumpin' Fail

I tried three different liquor stores near my parents house trying to find some Sumpin' Sumpin' to try and had no luck. Not only did they not have any, two of the three had never heard of Lagunitas Brewing Co. and none had any of their offerings.  I figure if Breda recommends them they're probably pretty good.  Perhaps when I head to Newark to pick up my computer I'll broaden my search.  Surely in a college town with a million liquor stores I'll be able to track a little Sumpin' Sumpin' down, right?

All was not lost however, since I did discover that the liquor store near my parents carries a few brews from Shipyard Brewing Co. Shipyard is a Maine based brewery and comes highly recommended by Weer'd.  I'm not a big fan of summery brews, but I do enjoy a lighter summer ale from time to time.  I'll say one thing.  I prefer this Shipyard Summer Ale to Sam Adams Summer Ale.

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