Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Reiterate

It seems as though some nutjob running for office in California is calling for (among other things) repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

Though I'm not sure he could understand the concepts contained herein, I have one thing to say to such a proposal.

Repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make it go away anymore than repealing the rest of the Bill of Rights would allow the government to kick in my door and rob, beat, imprison and torture me with impunity. The 2nd Amendment is inherent and inalienable just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. Words on ink & parchment don't "grant" me the right to keep & bear arms, they merely codify a pre-existing right. My rights, all of them, exist independent of the Constitution.

Oh, and Molon Labe.  It always amazes me those who call for repeal of a portion of the Bill of Rights.  Do they really think my rights can be voted away?  Do they really think millions of armed Americans would just sit back and say "yes master?"  A Bill of Rights was a necessary condition for the ratification of the entire Constitution.  Would the repeal of one (or more) of them mean the dissolution of the entire document?

I honestly don't believe they think at all.  They're stupid, irrational and outright crazy.  Normal thought processes do not applyy to them.  They don't consider whether repeal would be Constitutional, or what the implications of it would be.  No, they don't think about anything beyond "guns are icky, let's get rid of that pesky 2nd Amendment.  That is the depth of their capacity for rational thought.

I'm not surprised Mr. Barkley is from California.  That level of batshit insane could only come from the liberal, ass backward state of California, where the the persistent failures of liberal policies are lauded and celebrated.

h/t to breda via e-mail.


Weer'd Beard said...

As I said at my place. If he does repeal the 2nd Amendment Then what?

A less extreme example is Canada where they enacted a gun registry...and oddly enugh very few gun owners came forward to register their guns...and I wonder as the people step forward to register their guns, how many stayed home and off paper.

Sorry Barkley, but like most "Progressive" ideas, they only sound good on paper if you're an idiot (which it appears he is) but IRL they work like a screen door on a submarine!

RuffRidr said...

As much as I disagree with his position, at least he has the conviction to come out and say what it is that he truly wants. I much prefer him to the sniveling cowards such as Joan Peterson, Ladd Everitt, and others who spend more time arguing that they are really against gun bans.

Attila said...

did anyone notice that this is the infamous "mikeb" who trolls gunblogs left and right?