Friday, June 10, 2011

"You'll never walk"

This is an absolutely heartwarming story.  It's also a perfect example of why government healthcare must be stopped in the U.S. 

"Debra, 34, and husband Peter, 31, were told by doctors that Sophie had spastic diplegia, meaning she would never move without a walker and would spend most of her life in a wheelchair.....Doctors told us that she would never stand without a walker and would, as she got older, always need her wheelchair to get around."

Doctors routinely say "he/she will never do X," parents, don't listen to them!   I have spastic diplegia as well, and when I was born the docs said I'd probably never walk unassisted.  They were wrong.  Thanks to medical innovation in the U.S. they were wrong in this case too.

Also, neurosurgery to combat spastic diplegia?  That is just so goddamn cool!  The government rationing board of course put the nix on that idea, which is why she had to come to the U.S. and pay cash to have the procedure.  Now a little girl is dancing and leading a more normal life.

If the smile in that second picture doesn't warm your heart I don't know what will.  This story made my day.


Scott McCray said...

Beautiful story and an even more beautiful smile. Made my day, too.

Doggoned dust allergies (yeah, that's it...)

Anonymous said...

I'd comment with my Google Account but it wants me to create a blog instead of just sign in.

Cool story. Rhizotomies are covered by Medicare in the US of A. The local neurocutter at the U of WI Hospital does 'em. Intrathecal baclofen can be pretty nifty, too. YMMV.

instinct said...

Wow. To anyone who says that we don't have the best medical system in the world, I want them to show me what other country could do this!