Monday, February 13, 2012


Justice Steven Breyer, who in Heller opined that we Americans don't have a right to keep a firearm in our home for protection, was robbed in his vacation home by a machete wielding intruder.

I'm glad Justice Breyer wasn't hurt, but you've gotta at least smirk at that, given Breyer's contempt for the rights of Americans and his animosity towards the 2nd Amendment.  Had he gotten his way in Heller he'd have put Americans in a similar position against machete-wielding thugs.  Perhaps this unfortunate incident will be a wakeup call that the gun-free utopia he imagines is violent and dangerous.

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TheRentedMule said...

We would hope this would wake him up, but, sadly, it will probably have the opposite effect. Were he a legislator instead of a judge, I'd be bracing for the proposed ban on 'assault machetes'.