Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Having a gun around increases aggression, says moron

Just..... Wow.  This bit from a professor, Brad Bushman, of Ohio State University who is the author of "Weapons Effect"

“the mere presence of weapons can increase aggression."

You mean my kitchen knives and baseball bat make me more aggressive the moment I go near them?! How ever will I control myself?   When my tire iron is in my hands to change a flat, does it make me more aggressive?  Pray tell, how close to the weapons must I be for aggression to increase?

social psychologist Leonard Berkowitz: “Guns not only permit violence, they can stimulate it as well. The finger pulls the trigger, but the trigger may also be pulling the finger"

That sound you hear is the groaning of thousands of engineers.  Also, Holy shit! You mean to tell me guns have a Vulcan mind meld effect?  Headdesk.  I guess I'm just too stupid to understand how an inanimate peice of metal / wood & plastic can animate itself and pull my finger.

Found via this article, about a guy with a large gun collection.

I carry a gun pretty much every day, and I'm sure those of you who have met me can attest to the fact that I'm a pretty damn aggressive guy.  Yep. I'm a total hothead.  I met Agirl and her husband over the weekend.  They'll tell ya! :P Heck, when I'm OC'ing around a group of other people OC'ing, like last weekend in VA, it takes every ounce of self restrain I can muster to avoid fights and outright bloodbaths caused by the effect of all the OC'd guns and the ones just laying around!.........

It's sad that the people who write this crap are considered "educated" and that their work is in any way considered "science."


Anonymous said...

Does owning a car force someone to drive recklessly? Does your phone cause you to make obscene phone calls? Do matchbooks cause arson? Is anyone ever responsible for his own actions, or should we blame everything on inanimate objects?

Bubblehead Les. said...

I was there that weekend. If there was ever a Blood-Thirsty, Crazed Maniac bent on Slaughtering Innocent Women and Children it sure was YOU!


What stinks is those Morons are being paid with my Tax Dollars!

Anonymous said...

Do you carry a baseball bat or kitchen knife with you every day? The idea is that you are ready for violence. That's the dialog going on in your head as you carry your gun, correct?

You feel more confident and prepared with your gun around, right? Why is that?