Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quote of the Day - Marko

"You cannot win that particular religious debate. They'll just claim that things would be even WORSE without gun control. That's the beauty of gun control arguments--you can't disprove them with numbers. Pass the law and crime goes up? Proves the need for gun control because "crime would be even worse without it." Pass the law and crime goes down? Proves the need for gun control because "see? Gun control works!"

- Marko Kloos  

 This is the anti-gun argument in a nutshell, and it's flatly absurd.  I've heard it with my roommate.  Try to speak facts to them and they just flip their argument on its head.  Well that and admonish you for your narrow-minded reliance on facts and numbers, because you see, they're the enlightened ones who can think outside of the box.  "The box" being facts, historical reality, etc. which you, you meanie, are trying to box them into by relying on such things instead of blind emotion and hysterics.


Bubblehead Les. said...

They used the same "Logic" when they claimed they "Created and/or Saved X million Jobs".

Anonymous said...

The unemployment rate went up under Obama, but we are told that the economy is in a "recovery." Under Bush, it was a "recession." And crime rates are high in leftist-dominated jurisdictions (New York, Chicago, District of Columbia), and low in states with "lax" gun control (e.g., Vermont). The media say that crime would be even worse in NY or Chicago without the gun laws. But then they demand more federal gun control, on the grounds that state and local laws are easily circumvented. Those two arguments contradict each other. And neither claim explains why states with less gun control have lower crime rates.