Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.....

A case where a man with a TN CCW permit got pulled over in Middletown, Delaware and charged with CCDW without a license has gotten some news coverage recently.

This is exactly what's wrong with gun control. It destroys the lives of good people. The only reason this guy isn't facing a felony and jail time is because the prosecutor decided to do something smart and drop the charges.

Should this guy have known the law and known he couldn't carry here? Yes, but I think we as gunbloggers are a bit jaded. I'm a bit of a junkie about gun / legal stuff, but think about your average person and how little knowledge they're likely to have.

Take someone like my Poppop, a WWII vet.  He doesn't own a computer or smartphone.  Now imagine you're him, don't have a Gunnie to help you and have to go to your public library to find information from someone who is likely overworked, underpaid, and anti-gun (sorry Breda)

This guy is obviously intelligent, but what about someone with an 8th grade education level? I often wonder how many people CCW all the time, honestly thinking that it's OK. Or how many get a permit and think it's good nationwide. How many get a permit and don't keep abreast of changes to reciprocity (which is easy to do) Should those people, who often have no criminal record whatsoever, be railroaded by the court system and turned into felons? Of course not!

The reality is, anti gun folks want us to be treated like this, in order to demoralize us and attack our culture.

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Phillip said...

I'm about to make a trip to WV from FL. I happened to think I should brush up on the generalities between here and there to make sure I didn't have any incidents. Turns out, I'm not allowed to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol in SC, where I plan to stop for the night. Glad I checked.

Now, I'm someone who reads gun blogs, who participates in discussions, signs petitions, and is generally active-ish in the community. I'm also aware of sites such as handgunlaw.us and opencarry.org. If I was someone who wasn't that aware, I could have easily slipped up on some of the little differences in laws between here and there, and it doesn't take much to get charged with a felony.

While people should know the law, it is extremely onerous to place so many variations on a simple thing such as protecting yourself.