Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Delaware CCDW renewal and carry changes

So, I sent my renewal paperwork for my Delaware CCDW off to the prothonotary this week.

We don't have to jump through all of the hoops required for the original application when doing renewals. No fingerprints & background check, no ad in the newspaper, no class, etc.  Now it's just the $65 payment, the application, and two passport photos.  Also, the permits are now good for 5 years not 3, which is good, since 3 years really turned out to be 2.5 for me due to how they structure renewal timeframes.  Interestingly, my mothers CCDW turned out to be good for 5 years and looks official instead of something done by a drunk college student.  Even though we took our NRA course together, she filed everything a few months after I did and lucked out.

Hopefully they process renewals faster than they do the original applications.  If not, well under Delaware law I can still conceal on an expired permit so long as my renewal application has been filed.

While I didn't carry for a few months after getting the permit, that was for personal reasons due to a crazy situation I was in at the time.  Other than that period, I've pretty much carried daily, 99% of the time.

I've also switched to AIWB, which for my frame is far more suitable for everyday carry than strong side hip IWB.  The switch to appendix carry made perfect sense when I broke my strong side leg during a half marathon in November 2015.  reaching back and drawing from my left hip was out of the question since it meant shifting weight onto the broken leg.  I also screwed up my left shoulder due to the time spent on a walker and found I couldn't draw properly when it was acting up.  Appendix carry worked for me, even while gimped up on one leg.

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