Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quote of The Day - 12 Year old Self-Defense

"probably nothing would have happened to her. A guy who went running because a girl shot at him was probably unarmed and would have gone running the moment he knew someone was in the house. now, how would you have felt if she missed him and he got to her and killed her with her own gun? just because someone breaks into a house doesn't mean he deserves to die. that is insane that some people actually believe that it is ok. And those calling a 12 year old a hero because she attempted to murder another person are morally bankrupt. "

-Commenter "Halramin"

Here's a situation where a 12 year old girl is home alone.  A man comes to the door and she doesn't answer.  The man comes to the back door and kicks it in.  The girl calls her mom, who rushes home but also tells her daughter to go grab the family gun, a .40 S&W Glock.  The girl grabs the gun and goes to hide in a closet.  When the man tries to open the door to the closet where she's hiding the girl fires a round, hitting him, and he runs out of the house.  Oh, and the guy had a history of kidnapping young girls.

Now, this anti-gun jackass actually says "probably nothing would have happened to her."  What the fuck?!  He went running after she shot him which means he was "probably unarmed."  Uhh no.  He went running after she shot him because..... he just got shot.  I just cannot even begin to process how these people think.  It is so despicable, so absolutely morally repugnant that I can honestly say I have a hard time having any respect for such a person.  He would rather a 12 year old girl be kidnapped than successfully defend herself with a gun.


Anonymous said...

The idea that someone would break into a house
Then track down a person hiding
Then proceed to enter that hiding spot

And then do nothing is denying reality. Especially given the guy's history.

"A girl who went running and hiding because a guy broke into her house was probably effectively defenseless without the firearm -- she doesn't deserve to die, be raped, molested or even be scared because she doesn't know what he is planning.
Anyone defending the criminal in such case is morally bankrupt."

My direct response to Halramin

Anonymous said...

The official leftist party line is that you are more likely to accidentally shoot an innocent person than to shoot a criminal in self-defense. Any incident that does not support that assumption has to be distorted, twisted around, and explained away. So muggers are presumed to be "panhandlers," a violent ex-husband shot by his ex-wife (after breaking into her home and lunging at her with a sledge hammer) becomes a "family member" shot in a "domestic dispute," and an intruder (with a history of kidnapping children) becomes a harmless burglar who was "probably" unarmed and who "probably" would have run away anyway.

Conversely, the woman in Loganville, GA, who shot an intruder in her own house (after he followed her into the attic to which she had retreated) was denounced by msnbc for "taking matters into her own trigger-happy hands." And a terrified child hiding in a closet shoots an intruder, and she is said to have "attempted to murder someone." And if you are glad that the intruder was stopped before he could kidnap and rape her, then you are "morally bankrupt."

Anonymous said...

In the Orwellian jargon of Political Correctness:

A US diplomatic mission is assaulted with rocket launchers, grenades, and machine guns. Four Americans are killed. The incident is a "spontaneous protest."

A killer shouting "Allahu Akbar" goes on a shooting spree in an Army hospital, killing 13 victims and wounding 29 others. It's called "workplace violence."

A dispute over grazing fees escalates into a stand-off between protesters and federal agents. 0 deaths, 0 shots fired. Harry Reid calls the protesters' actions "terrorism."

An intruder forcibly breaks into a home, tracks down a child to the closet where she is hiding, then breaks into the hiding spot. The terrified child shoots the intruder. And she "attempted to murder another person."

JimB said...

Just proves Halramin is an ass. Some people just refuse to "get it" Every time a hear a story about someone defending themselves feel sorry that they had to shoot someone and glad they were able to.