Monday, March 26, 2018

Balkanization Continues with Delaware Assault Weapon Ban

Well, it looks like Delaware is going to get it's own Assault Weapon Ban, which is essentially copied directly from Maryland's.

It'd basically make it illegal to purchase, transfer, or transport an AR-15 or other "assault weapon" in this state, even for those of us with a valid CCDW.  Owners could legally only bring their gun from their legal residence to the range and back, that's it.

Oh, and these tyrants used the 4th Circuit MD decision saying AR's aren't protected under the 2nd Amendment as specific justification for their ban.  Guess which federal circuit Delaware is in.  The 3rd circuit, not the 4th.  Maryland also doesn't have a state level 2nd Amendment, Delaware does.

Stop for a bite to eat after the range?  Felon.  Want to bring your AR to a friends to show him how it works?  Felon.  Staying at the beach for the week and want your AR there for home defense?  Nope.  Felony.

I don't think there's much change of a Federal AWB or much happening on a national scale, but blue states are going to squeezed.  The Democratic Party hates gun owners.  They hate our culture, they hate the entire idea of individual sovereignty.  They want to "other" us, silence us, and make us pariahs and social outcasts everywhere.  They're starting in the blue states where they know we can't outvote them.

I have long told DE gun owners that this state is an oddity, a solidly blue state where, for whatever reason, the Democratic state legislature never much took up a strong push for gun control.  Well, now the Democratic party has gone full Gung Ho for gun control. 

I'm seeing Delaware Gun owners say "Oh, well that can't pass, we have a second amendment and Article 1 Section 20 of the State Constitution explicitly protects gun ownership"  True, but too many don't understand our enemy.  Democrats Do. Not. Care.  They do not care one bit about our rights, the constitution, their oath of office.  They do not care that people are calling and e-mailing them constantly telling them they oppose SB163. They do not care that their facebook pages are  being flooded with opposition.  I checked out the Delaware Democratic State Caucus facebook page.  Hundreds of comments, with whomever runs their page arguing that this wasn't a gun ban and AR-15's aren't protected under the constitution.  People were pissed, but the response from the Democratic Caucus was very clear.  Fuck you.  We are going to do what we want.

Every state that has passed a state level assault weapons ban has been lost.  AWB's are a complete culture killer, and like it or not, we are in a culture war.  In blue states, we are losing that war badly.

I do not know what the answer is for those of us who live in blue states.  We can't fight back (seriously, even getting gun owners to call and e-mail their reps consistently with a firm "knock this off" is like herding cats)  Our only hope is the Courts, who as Clarence Thomas recently mentioned, don't seem inclined to save us.

We are, more and more, becoming Two America's.  There's no way that ends as a good thing for this country.  I don't have an answer as to how we solve things.


Anonymous said...

You need to move to a red state. The blue states will eventually collapse.

Mike W. said...

And yet, amazingly, we managed to fight off the Assault Weapons ban.

That said, they flip one Senate seat and I have no doubt they'll try to shove it down our throats again, with a much higher likelihood of success.