Monday, March 26, 2018

What Gun Banning Delaware Democrats Want

Here's the "gun safety" platform for Laura Sturgess, Democrat running for State Senate

The problem of violence in or state has many causes, but common sense gun legislation must be part of the solution.  Our legislature has already taken steps to make gun ownership safer in Delaware, but we should go further.  I will support efforts to ban assault weapons, limit the maximum magazine size available in Delaware, and require a state permit to purchase and own firearms.  I applaud the bipartisan effort to ban bump stocks, and trust that amendments will be introduced to address the concerns of current owners of these devices."

Make no mistake, Democrats want to take away guns.  She wants to require a permit to purchase guns AND a permit to own.  Yes, Democrats want to make me get a permit simply to retain  ownership of something that both the Delaware and U.S. Constitutions say I have a right to own.

This is what we are up against.  We are up against Tyrants.

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