Wednesday, April 18, 2018

PA Reciprocity and How Bloomberg Hurts Gun Rights

What happened this week is a perfect example of what Bloomberg can do to us.  Josh Shapiro, new Attorneys' General in Pennsylvania, just re-wrote all of PA's CCW reciprocity agreements.  VA is gone, ID and AL are added, and now all out of state non-resident permits are no good in PA. 

Kathleen Kane had been doing this on a rolling basis.  I used to carry in PA on a UT non-resident permit, she invalidated those.  I got an AZ permit, she invalidated those, I got a ME permit, she invalidated it, and so on and so on.  She never touched the New Hampshire permit agreement, so for several years I was able to carry on a NH permit in PA despite not having a permit from my home state.  I now have a DE permit and a PA permit, but NH was my "backup."  It's no longer any good in PA.

I now wonder how long before the AG decides all non-resident permits are no good in his state, even PA permits issued to non-residents.

Shapiro received $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg during his race for AG.  That's a huge amount of money donated from one source for a state AG race, but it's a brilliant way for anti-gun folks to buy influence in state legislatures and state governments.

I often wonder, where would the pro-2A movement be today if we had a multi-billionaire backing us?

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