Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm not surprised this comes from NJ

Lets ban even more potentially dangerous items in order to protect citizens from themselves

"The New Jersey ban came after Tina Schreffler, a South Jersey woman whose 4-year-old daughter was nearly strangled by one of the toys, lobbied legislators to pass it."

Right so one woman who obviously fails as a parent asks NJ politicians to ban something and they do it? There are a myriad of things in a house that could potentially kill or injure a 4 year old child. You can't get rid of such a risk without keeping the kid in a padded room at all times. What the hell is wrong with people?! Blaming a piece of string instead of taking responsibility as a parent. I swear the death of any semblance of personal responsibilty is sure to be the death of this nation. You can't have any freedom without accepting the attendant responsibilities of a free life.

I'm not the least bit surprised this ban has occurred in New Jersey, nor am I surprised Illinois was the 1st to enact such a ban in 2006. Such bastions of freedom New Jersey and Illinois are huh? No wonder everyone's leaving NJ in droves.

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