Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jack-Booted Thuggery

I read about this earlier on THR but thought it might be a fake story. Unfortunately it seems
I was wrong.

What have I been saying in a few of my posts about government use of force? Think the government won't use force to make people heed to government authority in all aspects of their lives?

Only the government should have a monopoly on force........ so they can break down your door in an illegal home invasion and take your son from you because you said no to government interference and were branded a "constitutionalist."

Even if they had evidence that this guy had punched his son in the face to cause his black eye it still doesn't make it ok for a group of armed government thugs to break into his house. Under what authority? I don't want the SWAT team performing no-knock tactical entries everytime social services thinks some kid *might* be a victim of abuse.

The father called SWAT's action "unnecessary" and said "I would have let them in." I'd personally put it in the category of criminal. If armed men break into my house unannounced they are criminals. If he had shot members of the SWAT team I wouldn't fault him for it. I'd feel terrible for the families of the men killed, but I think you have every right to shoot back if armed men break into your home, regardless of who they are.

As an adult I have the right to refuse medical treatment. If I have a child then I am his legal guardian don't I have the same right unless he's in obviously critical condition?

Are SWAT teams going to be breaking into homes everytime a parent spanks a child now? Will they come if a kid calls social services to report his parents out of spite? What they did is a grotesque abuse of power and I hope he sues everyone involved.

uncle has more including another article on the incident.

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