Saturday, May 10, 2008

Morning at the Range

.... I still suck. I met up with Rob & Jim from Delaware Open Carry

Today was my 1st time shooting since 2-17, so almost 3 months. I'll probably go again tomorrow morning. Looking at my targets I have diagonal strings across the entire body of the target and then a few more diagonal, but completely linear "groups." That would be perfectly acceptable (to me) if they were in the middle of the target rather than 3" up and 3" left.

Among other things, I'm rushing and jerking the trigger trying to "catch" when I'm centered on the target. I need to SLOW DOWN and CONCENTRATE. I've also learned it's hard to see holes in a black silhouette target. It's also not good to have a black target and blacked out sights. Oh, and my god does the DA pull suck.


cocked and loaded said...

I"m having the same problem.
I find that firing a few
rounds of .22 before going to
the big guns helps.

Unknown said...

The trigger on your Sig sucks? I don't own one...yet...but I saw the pics of your P6's, and I'm even more convinced that I want one.

mike's spot said...

Eh I feel your pain. I'm away at school for months at a time, and the first day or two behind the trigger is damn near embarrassing. I shot hunter sillohuette the same day I came home this past weekend, wow that was brutal. Used a borrowed gun too- it was down right abismal.

Good weekend on the loading bench though. Kicked out a metric 'butt load' (technical term) of 38spl and casted up a lot of 200gr LSWC and 230gr TC for the 45.

Mike W. said...

Cocked & Loaded - I agree. I always start off shooting my .22 Bersa (though it was consistently choking on Winchester Wildcat this trip)

CTone - Yes, the P6's have especially heavy DA triggers. I really need to get a 19# mainspring. Other than that I really like my P6's.

Mike - Yeah, I have a tendency to get busy with work/school and not make it to the range. I also had my Sigs out for refinishing for a few months. This was only my 4th or 5th range trip ever, so with practice I have a ton of room for improvement.