Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why we need high caps

Alternately titled "Why I need a double-stack pistol..."

Take a gander at this post from Ride N' Shoot

If I'm ever being chased by an angry mob I want my AR, but a double stack 9 would work in a pinch. I really do want a P228, but I just can't afford to pull the trigger right now. Not to mention I already have two 9mm Sigs. Isn't that enough....

On another note, the drug dealers are out in full force down where I park. They seem to come out of hiding once the weather is nice. That and a bunch of fuckers are parking there illegally.


Anonymous said...

No hicaps are allowed here in California,however I also suspect that some of those 15 people would have found somewhere else to be if the intended victim put a couple of attackers on the ground with well placed shots.

Mike W. said...

Agreed. I'd just rather have rounds left in the magazine if I ever have to use my weapon.

You never know when Murphy might come along. It could be a situation where round #11 is the one that would have saved your life, but you end up dead because the state limited you to 10 round mags.