Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Instead of a Substantial Post....

I offer you some random tidbits

I fondled a Sig P229 Platinum Elite at the Convention and loved it! It also reminded me once again how heavy the DA pull is on both of my P6's. Too bad the Platinum Elite is the most expensive P229 Sig offers.

On the drive home from the blog bash I pulled into a rest stop for a bit and parked next to a lady with NY tags and a big "Hillary Clinton 08'" banner in her window. I was reading the Walther brochure I had, so I stuck it and a Kahr Arms brochure to the window. She immediately parked on the far side of the lot. I think the gun stuff scared her.

Squeaky posted pics of her new knife. Here's a pic of my EDC knife. It's a few years old now but has served me well.

And for Ctone, pics of my other refinished P6. You can't tell from the pictures, but I've already put a few light scratches in the brand new finish. I'm stupid and just threw the gun in my range bag along with a bunch of steel mags.


mike's spot said...

Ya know I'm just not a fan of the sigs. the P6's have caught my eye- but I played with a couple Mosquitoes and a p226 blackwater that, frankly- just failed to impress me for the price.

Maybe I should look at them again

Unknown said...

Nice Sigs! I love two tone pistols, and the Sig 225 is a comfortable gun to hold. I looked one over at a gun show recently but I was a little short on fundage to buy it. They will serve you well. As for the scratches, well, that's just your personality rubbing off on them. Unblemmished guns are just safe-queens.

How do you like those P-mags? I put a couple of them through hell recently during a weekend in the woods, and can say that they are superior to the metal ones.