Friday, June 13, 2008

Ireland Gives the EU the Finger

Éireann go Brách.

Via Breda comes this piece of awesomeness from Ireland (the land of Guinness, which makes them that much more awesome.)

The EU is "shocked" that Ireland might want to actually retain their national sovereignty. I'm sorry but I have about as little respect for the EU as I do the UN. Imagine if Mexico, Canada and the U.S. were all technically sovereign nations but belonged to a huge international government bureacracy that told them how they had to run their own countries. Ireland damn well should give the EU the finger.

Also, the most important part of the article is as follows,

"Ireland is the only country to put the treaty to a popular vote."

citizens of european countries have been getting railroaded by governments who don't care about "the people." I guarantee there was strong opposition to the libson treaty in other European countries, but politicians and governments went ahead and signed it anyway, for the "common good" of Europe.

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