Friday, June 13, 2008

Civic Literacy Quiz

I got 13 wrong out of 60 for a score of 78.33%. Quite frankly I find that pretty sad, but I suppose I did pretty well considering the average for a college senior last year was 54.2%

You can take the test here. I'm bad with dates and not a great history buff, but I still think it'd be hard to fail this test. It's almost shocking how bad college students performed, but then I look back at school and realize how many truly stupid people I was surrounded by, and how many were "book smart" but were illogical and didn't have a bit of common sense. I used to edit papers for a few dormmates in college and they were so poorly written I didn't even bother fixing everything. Some were so bad I would have thrown them in the trash if I were doing the grading.

Of course here I am, probably the smartest kid in my family, yet also the one who consistently brought home the most mediocre grades. Funny how that works though. I knew kids in college who were honest to god morons. I'm talking the type of people who upon hearing them I'd think "how in the hell did they get accepted to U of D?" They seemed hopeless, yet somehow did well on exams.

For anecdotal evidence of the type of people colleges are graduating these days read this thread on sigforum These grads, despite impressive resumes, are doing things I would never dream of in a job interview. Hell, when I started at my current job I showed up in a suit & tie and dressed like that for the 1st week until I knew the dress-code. Some of the stories in that thread blew my mind. I mean, who the hell brings their dad to a job interview?

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