Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today I Give You "Post of The Day"

Seriously, go read Breda's eloquent prose. I can only imagine how much better the world would be if others saw themselves in the way Breda sees herself. We have strong, independent women like Breda, the anti-rights side has penis jokes. She is a shining example of why we're winning.

"I've always considered myself a human being first, before any other label. Not woman, not white, not disabled. Just Breda - who was born in a body not of her own choosing. Just like everyone else."

Breda's post is a "Must Read!"


breda said...

thank you so much, Mike.

(word verification too funny to ignore: "oozbunk")

Mike W. said...

You're welcome. Nice rebound from "bloggers block" by the way.