Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quote of The Day

"First, you’re assuming gun control has been tried. It really hasn’t"

- JadeGold - Commenting @ Delaware Liberal.

Even when I know it's JadeGold we're dealing with he still manages to say something so shockingly stupid that I'm actually surprised. It's a good example of why "compromise" is an exercise of failure with the anti-gunners. Nothing is an "infringement" and if you keep up the compromise you'll be left with no chips.

Edit - Apparently there's an entire blog exposing the poster known as "JadeGold." That's funny.


the pistolero said...

*Snerk* What a dipshit. Pardon my french. ;-)

NotClauswitz said...

Astonishingly stupid, but from him unsurprisingly stupid.

BobG said...

Nothing that moron says surprises me any more.

NotClauswitz said...

It's totally on-par with "Socialism has never *really* been tried before" - because no matter how hard you try, it isn't real unless the author of the statement is in charge.
I seriously starting to believe that JadeGold is an artificial intelligence, a synthetic TrollBot programmed by Leftists simply to irritate, annoy, and distract.

Anonymous said...

Jadegold is the same idiot who said that defending your home with a gun against a person is about as effective defending your home with a gun against an incoming meteor.

Mike W. said...

LOL - well he is full of comedic gold, that's for sure.