Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making Sarah Brady Cry

I hope things like this make her sob just a little. You can already open carry legally, as free men, the way Jefferson and Madison intended, in most of the U.S. Expansion of freedom is never a bad thing, so I'm ecstatic to see this.

Now if only we could get unlicensed open carry in those liberal bastions of freedom and tolerance D.C. and Maryland. I'm glad to have that option as a free man in Delaware, even if I very rarely exercise it. God I wish Delaware would get with the times and go shall-issue for CCW permits, and drop their ridiculous notification requirements. (that's a post in itself given the recent actions of the Commercial Appeal)


Laura said...

Maryland recently (as in, this month) had a bill introduced that would change the language of the current law on CCW permits.

that this bill had enough weight to get INTRODUCED is monumental. i don't know if it'll get passed, but it's good to know more people within our state government are even considering it a worthy cause.

i think i've shown you www.marylandshallissue.org/ - if i haven't, go and read. also, check out www.mdshooters.com/forum.php

Home on the Range said...

I've never quite figured out why Ms. Brady herself has a concealed carry permit. OK for her, but not for the rest of us "little people" I guess.