Monday, February 2, 2009

SPCA Armed?

The Pennsylvania SPCA will now start arming it's officers. It makes sense to me, though the talking heads on the local news said that this was needed "for the protection of the officers." Funny how the media never makes that basic connection when they're not talking about an agent of the State. When it's just average citizens they're all too happy to promulgate the tired old "blood in the streets" line the Brady's have been pimping for years.

I'll say if I were doing their job in Philly I'd sure as hell want to be armed to protect myself from violent animals, human and otherwise.

Fighting for Liberty has more. Note disgusting irony of the title of his linked article given what we know of the general attitude towards CCW and Open Carry in Philly.

Tam and Sebastian have also linked here and share their own perspectives.


NotClauswitz said...

I don't get it, just exactly what kind of "officers" can they be? "Real" SPCA *officers* are the CEO, Treasurer/Controller, CFO and other members of the Executive staff - otherwise they're just guys in funny clothes.

mike's spot said...

yea but they have a crummy job that takes them to rough areas. I give the SPCA a lot of credit, unlike cops who see people make cognitive, negative decisions, these animals are thrust into bad situations, and just do their best to survive and act how they were bred to act.

I don't blame any SPCA worker who wants to be able to put down an angry, violent, dog, or an angry, violent, owner.

Mike W. said...

"I don't blame any SPCA worker who wants to be able to put down an angry, violent, dog, or an angry, violent, owner."

Nor do I. It's the "Only One" concept that irks me here. There's very little controversy in this case, and the MSM seems ok with it. That wouldn't be the case if these were say, landlords who wanted to protect themselves while picking up rent in bad areas.

detroitccw said...

I don't have a problem with any citizen, SPCA or not, arming themselves for personal protection. I hope that they arm their operatives also with training.

mike's spot said...

your right mike- I glazed over that point because I could not add anything to it to sum it up better. Its a bitter, clinging, relic of mainstream media